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Taking It Easy - a somewhat serious series

Taking It Easy...relax, you deserve this one.

We're all about living the best life with a touch of cushiony comfort and 100% made in the USA gel cushioning applications by our beloved brand, SuperGel.

Join us as we dive into pithy and entertaining conversations, exploring the hilarious and relatable world of everyday life with a style reminiscent of your favorite episodic comedies. Our witty observations and cultural insights center around the most innocuous pieces of furniture and various cushioning applications.

From office chairs to car seats, and everything in between, "Taking It Easy" will keep you informed, entertained, and inspired to embrace the gel-cushioned life. So sit back, relax, and let SuperGel's cushioning magic transform the way you experience comfort, one squishy moment at a time.

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SuperGel is the world's most versatile gel cushioning material. Serving countless projects as well as brand partners incorporating this advanced 100% Made in USA material into their unique products.

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